! Close your eyes, How do we see the invisible bubble, & burst it

Marziyeh Mokhtarzadeh ©, Majid Mardi

! Close your eyes, How do we see the invisible bubble, & burst it

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نویسندگان: Marziyeh Mokhtarzadeh ©, Majid Mardi

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Background and Aim

This research can lead us to see other aspects of the covid-19 problem in society & resolve it. Let's go reduce the side effects of covid-19 in society while it pushes the people to us or even no before it . The rule of bubbles has also drawn to the consulting room. How dare they do! Is it because we advertised for products more than training? Or because we scared them more than we wanted sympathize with them? Or worse! Because we could not detect their invisible bubble! i Remember, I could not feel, they too! In fact, we could not, none of us! And it had nothing to do with the mask or oxygen! On the contrary, something was added to the space! i closed my eyes to the faces , and tried to track the visible clues in what was remain of in their body. And i listened carefully to the silence, what was hidden between the mask's rustle and the sound of breathing. And finally i found it. There was an alive bubble there. i saw it, accepted without any condition , normalized it.


I use of ACT, EFT , Mind fullness , and we can continue with YOU via Correct Conscious Training with Empathy .


If we can recognise the covid-19 side effects & normalise it with specific methods, we can reduce or eliminate its effects .


There is much elements that should change in our behave with both of covid-19's side effects and the society people, specifically in our training , which can lead us to the normal life same before in society with calm . so,close your eyes,and see the invisible bubble, & burst it!


Covid-19;way to deal with COVID-19;Clinical consultation and consultation;covid-19 side effects;bubble

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