Investigate of Blastocystis Subtypes in HIV+ patients in Karaj.

Javid Sadreai ©, Hasty Shapour, Majid Pirestani

Investigate of Blastocystis Subtypes in HIV+ patients in Karaj.

کد: G-78196

نویسندگان: Javid Sadreai ©, Hasty Shapour, Majid Pirestani

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برچسب: انگل شناسی پزشکی

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Background and Aim

Blastocystis is a cosmopolitan intestinal protozoan parasite which is mainly found in humans and animals. So far, 17 subtypes of the parasite have been identified based on SSU-rRNA analysis, nine of which are prevalent in human beings. Since morphological discrimination is less reliable, molecular methods are mostly used for diagnosis. Blastocystis is more prevalent among mentally-retarded individuals, immunocompromised patients and graft recipients. The aim of this study was to investigate the Blastocystis subtypes in HIV+ patients in Karaj.


A number of 60 stool sample were collected from HIV+ pateints. After microscopic examination, samples were preserved in 5% potassium dichromate. DNA extraction of each sample was done using CTAB method, followed by RNA elimination. Subsequently, after DNA barcoding of all extracted sample by PCR, positive sample were probed by two subtype-specific primers. Also , one sample of each positive subtype was sequenced for confirmation.


Following DNA barcoding, 20(33.3%) sample were positive for Blastocystis. Of these, 12(54.5%) cases were ST3, 8 (45.5%) cases were found to be ST1.


Blastocystis is the most prevailing intestinal protozoan parasite of humans on which there are many equivocation yet. The dominance of human ST3 have been reported in many studies. Being considered as the most prevalent Blastocystis subtype worldwide. For the first time in Iran ST9 has been reported. Moreover, the unknown subtype possess inter-subtype variation. Further studies are recommended to shed light on the epidemiology of Blastocystis in country.


Blastocystis; Subtypes; PCR bar-coding; HIV+ Patiants

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