Transmission of inflammatory microRNAs by exosomes in patients with COVID- 19

Nazanin Joudaki, Ali Asadirad ©

Transmission of inflammatory microRNAs by exosomes in patients with COVID- 19

کد: G-95280

نویسندگان: Nazanin Joudaki, Ali Asadirad ©

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Background and Aim

COVID- 19 disease has already killed thousands of people around the world. This disease can cause severe and widespread inflammation and can kill the patient. Measurement of inflammatory parameters and inflammatory microRNAs that are transmitted by nanoscale vesicles or exosomes to monitor and prognosis the disease and also Understanding and investigating the pathogenic mechanisms of COVID- 19 is of great importance.


In this study, blood samples were taken from 25 patients with COVID- 19 and 5 healthy someones, then the exosomes were isolated from the serum of the participants in the study. miRNA-21 expression and miRNA-155 expression were examined by real-time PCR test.


The results were as follows, the relative expression of miRNA-21 and miRNA-155 in serum-derived exosomes of patients with COVID-19 had a significant increase (p less than 0.0001) compared to the control group.


It can be concluded that increasing the expression of these inflammatory microRNAs enclosed in exosomes is one of the ways to increase inflammation in the patient's body and transfer the inflammation to different parts of the patient's body. This could help in the design of new anti-inflammatory drugs against COVID- 19 disease.


COVID-19; miRNA-21; miRNA-155;anti-inflammatory drugs

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