Explore Susceptibility to Covid 19 in Pregnant Women

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Explore Susceptibility to Covid 19 in Pregnant Women

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Background and Aim

Coronavirus as a cause of acute respiratory disease has risks for people with weakened immune systems, including pregnant women. Because of pregnancy is a special state in women and Pregnant women are susceptible to infection, and impaired mechanical and immunological functions. At present study we determined the causes of susceptibility of pregnant women to coronavirus using the review of other articles.


At present study , articles selected from different databases including Pubmed, Google scholar, Medline, Web of science. Published papers were searched in PubMed using the following keywords in combination : Risk factors , Covid 19 , Pregnancy, Pregnant women , Cytokine storm.We included published papers between Aug/2020_ Dec/2021. Two steps were performed to screen the articles for the present study. At first screened the titles and abstracts of papers and then assessed the full text of selected studies in details.


Physiological changes in pregnant women such as increased diaphragm, increased oxygen consumption and swelling of mucous membranes of respiratory tract caused to prone to respiratory disease and pneumonia. Perinatal is result of hypoxemia in pregnant women, other complications including fetal distress, preterm delivery, respiratory distress, thrombocytopenia. On the other hand, hormonal changes in this group of patients, such as increase in progesterone through changes in nasal mucus, lead to colonization of virus in the mucosa of the respiratory tract and reduce its elimination. Increased levels of inflammatory cytokines such as, , IFN-γ, IL-6, TNF-α and inflammatory chemokines known as cytokine storms, increase fetal abnormalities including neurodevelopmental disorders.


Pregnant women are at risk, although pregnancy has not been proven to be a risk factor for Covid 19, but Covid 19 is dangerous for both mother and baby and should be prevented by observing hygienic standards.


Coronavirus; Pregnancy; Cytokine storm; Covid 19

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