Relationship between zinc and copper in Covid patients 19

Iraj Khodadadi ©, Rajab Mardani

Relationship between zinc and copper in Covid patients 19

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نویسندگان: Iraj Khodadadi ©, Rajab Mardani

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Background and Aim

The covid-19 disease is the most health-threatening respiratory disease found in 2019 in Wuhan, China. Due to the immunological basis of the disease and the role of copper in the functioning of critical immune cells as well as the preservative effects of zinc in respiratory epithelium, it is hypothesized that elevation in serum levels of essential trace elements such as copper and zinc might be involved in the progression or clinical course of the disease. Thus, the aim of this study was to investigate possible elevated levels of serum copper and zinc in patients with covid-19 and healthy subjects.


In this case-control study, blood samples from 30 patients (12M and 18F) with covid-19 and 30 healthy age- and sex-matched individuals (12M and 18F) were collected. Sera were separated and copper and zinc levels were determined using colorimetric Biorexfars kits.


There was no difference in mean age between covid-19 patients and control subjects (42.9±3.23 vs 43.8±2.97 years, respectively). The mean age of men (42.2±0.28 years) did not significantly differ from that of women (44.3±0.41 years). Serum copper level was markedly lower in patients (63.87±3.84 ug/dl) compared with the control group (79.21±4.21 ug/dl). Similarly, a significant reduction was observed in serum zinc level in patients (83.54±7.89 ug/dl) compared with control subjects (87.26±6.21 ug/dl).


Findings of this study showed reduced levels of serum copper and zinc in covid-19 patients and therefore, supplementary .copper and zinc might be considered as beneficial therapeutic strategies


Copper; COVID-19; Zinc

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