mesenchymal stem cells MSCs-derived exosomes improve regulatory T-cell frequency in COVID‐19 patients PBMCs

Ali Hazrati, Majid Ahmadi ©, Kosar Malekpour

mesenchymal stem cells MSCs-derived exosomes improve regulatory T-cell frequency in COVID‐19 patients PBMCs

کد: G-56049

نویسندگان: Ali Hazrati, Majid Ahmadi ©, Kosar Malekpour

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برچسب: ایمنی شناسی

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Background and Aim

: After the COVID-19 virus epidemic, many studies were conducted to find the role of immune system cells in this disease. One of these cells is Treg, which is important due to its role in regulating immune system responses' homeostasis. An imbalance occurs in Treg/Th17 cells' ratio during the pathogenesis of COVID-19 and shifts to Th17, resulting in uncontrolled inflammatory responses. Therefore, it can be beneficial to study the factors that can increase Treg responses and differentiation. Since adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cell (AD-MSCs) exosomes have immunomodulatory properties, the use of these vesicles can be an excellent option to reduce inflammatory responses and induce anti-inflammatory responses in COVID-19 peripheral blood mononuclear cells.


In the present study, we isolated AD-MSCs exosomes by ultracentrifugation and investigated their immunomodulation effect on peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) of covid-19 patients. For this purpose, after culturing the PBMCs with MSCs exosomes, the frequency of Treg lymphocytes was assessed by flow cytometry. PBMCs were washed and incubated with FITC-conjugated anti-CD4, PE-conjugated anti-CD25, and PE-cy7-conjugated anti-CD127 monoclonal antibodies isotype-matched IgG controls before staining. The exosomes were by and characterized by SEM, TEM, and DLS.


A significant reduction was observed in the proportion of peripheral Treg cell frequency in COVID-19 patient PBMCs. Our data revealed that the ratio of CD4+ CD25+ CD127− Treg was considerably influenced by MSCs exosomes in all the patients.


The current study results indicated that AD-MSCs derived exosomes can restore the frequency of Treg cells of COVID-19 patient isolated PBMCs.


MSCs; Exosome; COVID-19; PBMCs; Treg

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